What some see as simple letters on a page, others see as intricately placed characters used to express feelings, emotions and ideas. The great thing about typography, like most forms of art, is that it is completely versatile and new ways of implementing it are constantly being invented. And just like there are many ways to use typography, there also are a vast variety of people who use it (quite effectively, I might add). From comic books to billboards and graffiti artists to graphic designers, typography holds a significant amount of value in a significant amount of situations.


On a daily basis, the number of frustrating interactions for the average person can be infinite. Even one of these little mishaps can be enough to ruin your day, but fortunately for you there are people out there dedicated to creating products and methods to make life just a little bit easier for the consumer. User experience is just as important on the go as it is in the home; designers and developers understand this and take it into careful consideration when creating a product or service. Finding a product or service that is best for your own personal user experience is another task all in itself.


Social media is basically a company’s twisted fantasy when it comes to marketing. Advertising through social media is much cheaper and reaches out to a much larger crowd. Obnoxious billboards and wasteful flyers are no longer necessary to get the name of your business out in the open. Whether you’re checking out Miley twerking in her newest music video or wishing your Uncle Remus a happy birthday on Facebook, it’s more than likely you’re seeing at least a few advertisements in the process.


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